Decharging a Buzzword at eMerge Americas 2014

By Adam Goldberg There’s something going around Emerge this inaugural year. No, not advertisements disguised as panel questions (that happens at every conference). It’s this word, the same way 2013’s word was “Social Media”. When we were kids, anything from a too-clever question to a chair-slamming tantrum was considered “disruptive”. Kids would trudge (or get pulled) to the principal’s office

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Recap: AtlanticLive Start-up City Miami 2014

For the second year, 700+ hardcore life hackers, start-up founders, national thought leaders, and entrepreneurship enthusiasts converged on South Beach to participate in Start-Up City: Miami. Our city, and then some, came together to really think and strategize around “urban tech”, taking root in Miami and across the world. Sound awesome? It was! As you might know from our pre-event

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GET HYPED for Start-Up City: Miami

Last February, Start-Up City: Miami launched. And we’re still excited! We’ve long known that Miami is the future of Start-Up, so The Atlantic’s sophomore conference is in the exact right place. “Prove it,” you might say. Well, last year’s S-U brought Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and AOL’s Steve Case to town. They took the New World Stage and told us

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