THRIFTER Miami Startup Journey

OCT met up with Victor Gosa, this cool and genuinely hip guy is making waves across the inter-webs with His story to make it happen, is as rad as it comes and speaks to the entrepreneurial spirit blossoming in the magic city. Awesome photos by the great Michael Alexander and amazing creative directing by Hope Kauffman!

Michael Alexander

OCT: How was Thrifter founded?

It was founded after I did a garage sale at my parent’s house to get rid of old belongings that I still had from my youth.

OCT: Who is your co-founder?

My co-founder is Jenny Ho,my partner in life – my girlfriend.

OCT: What does your team mean to you?

My team means everything to me! I believe that every individual has drives that motivate them to be happy and excited. Working with individuals that could share in the enthusiasm means a lot to me.

OCT: How do you think Miami has influenced you?

Miami is a place that has you on your toes all the time. For some reason Miami also feels like a place where things don’t get done as fast as you wish unless you do it yourself. For that reason I have learned a lot on my own so I don’t have to depend on others.

OCT: What excites you about how Miami is being redefined?

The city’s growth and culture!

OCT: Anything cool or awesome you are cooking up?

There are so many! Some of which I can’t even speak about yet. Sticking to the subject of Thrifter, we are developing a collection bag that we will ship to customers with a pre-paid package that they can fill with their unwanted clothing. Helping them clean out their closet and donating what ultimately doesn’t end up being used for sale.

OCT: What’s the most rewarding part of your startup journey?

Putting money in people’s pocket, cleaning their closets, hearing all the positive thoughts people have about the company and of course making sales.

OCT: Ok, so what sucks?

Cataloging every single piece of clothing! At the moment, we are short-staffed.

OCT: We’re big into wisdom, what wisdom would you share with your younger self?

Save money, don’t buy an expensive car, and watch your credit.

OCT: What has been a big challenge along the Thrifter startup journey?

One of the biggest challenges was leaving a job I had maintained for 9 years and basically giving up all my past income to start form scratch. But more importantly, it allowed me to spend more time with my co-founder, my partner in life.

OCT: We know the startup journey is not easy – what keeps you up at night?

Thinking of a great place to open up physical storefront. I don’t really try to think of negative issues. I’m a very positive guy.

OCT: Why did you create Thrifter in Miami?

Thrifter : It’s a modern age thrift shop. We buy, sell, and consign used clothing, accessories, gadgets, art, toys or anything people no longer want!

OCT: What do you want to see happen in Miami to be as it grows into a global hotspot?

My ideal Miami… If anything, I would wish for people in Miami to be more at ease and maybe more grateful about living in a city like this and not taking things for granted or wishing to strive for the “celebrity life.” I think the youth gets too caught up in Miami’s VIP life or wanting to be VIP. Just be yourself, find something you enjoy, and be the best at it and most of all be creative.