Miami is more Hipster than ever, in a good way!


We are becoming increasingly conscientious about our purchasing habits. We want to know who, where, when, what and how the products we buy are being made. By becoming smart consumers we can change the market and encourage sustainable and ethical practices. Because everything we buy or don’t has an effect in our planet in some way, shape, or form however small it may be. So it is up to us to help preserve our rich resources and make Earth a place we can all live in and be proud of calling it home.

And what better way to help our planet, our local economy, and our pockets at the same time, than by supporting local businesses that are making an effort to combine their passions for doing what they love, in a place they love, and with people they love?


As the owner of Scissor & Spool, Jamilet Fals stated:

“I do know that it is important for me (and hopefully for you reading this) to wake up everyday and do what you love! Even if for just a few minutes, feed your soul, engage in your passion, give thanks and just trust the process.”

If you had a chance check out The Miami Flea last month, then you know what I am talking about. If you didn’t here is a taste of what you missed.



Thousands of beautiful people on a Sunday afternoon enjoying delicious food, handmade clothing and accessories, artisan beauty products, apothecaries, plant arrangements, vintage goods and groovy tunes. We wanted to get the stories behind 6 local entrepreneurs and small business owners who transformed their ideas into reality.





My name is Jaclyn Rosell. I currently work full time in construction as a project assistant but I hope to make my soap business a full time endeavor soon. I was born and raised in Miami, moved to NYC for almost seven years and moved back to my hometown of Miami five years ago. I live in West Miami, near Coral Gables.

I make artisan soap from scratch along with sugar and salt scrubs, aromatherapy oil rollers, pillow mists, lip balms and I’m starting to make aromatherapy jewelry.

Our mission is to bring high quality everyday items that everyone uses like soap to people who are conscious of what they put on their body. Our motto is Simple, Pure and Lovely, which means that our ingredients are not complicated and are easily recognizable, a luxury that can be used every single day.

My products reflect the wonderful emergence of so many handmade artisans we’ve been enjoying here in Miami. I try to include locally grown ingredients like honey, aloe, cucumbers and I have a fun line of soaps in the works that will include some local favorite fruits too. I’ve been forging connections with other Miami businesses in the hopes that we can do collaborations in the future and will continue to make connections with other like-minded small businesses.

I hope to be able to offer my products in brick and mortar stores to reach a wider range of clients and to hopefully expose them to the difference that handmade soap can make in their lives. Eventually, I would love to have my own store where I can sell not only what I make right there in the store, but have room to teach others how to make soap as well.

Online Shop: SakuraSoapCo



BIRD & 98th



birdproducts My name is Suhey Saldarriaga. I am owner of Bird & 98th.  I live in Miami.

I make and sell organic small batch skin products. Face masks, facial oils, facial sprays and herbal steams. My philosophy is: To heal your skin creatively, and with pure ingredients. It’s time to strip down and get to the root of beauty.

I think my products reflect Miami because they echo the nature we have all around us. We live in a paradise that provides us with so many things to help heal us, and my products are all about healing your skin through pure natural ingredients. It also helps that the name of the brand is Bird & 98th, haha!

I have a few things in the works that are quite promising. A lot of my plans so far are for online sales. But, I also plan on focusing on getting the brand out a lot more through local shows, and fairs.

Online Shop:




nitrogen My name is Luisa Santos. I am an entrepreneur. I live in Edgewater.

I make and sell Incredibly delicious ice cream crafted from scratch and frozen to order using liquid nitrogen. Our philosophy at Lulu’s Nitrogen Ice Cream is to support the fabric of our society and make value-driven decisions while bringing people together to enjoy life – over ice cream.

Miami is a magical city where cultures meet and create a vibe like no other. We love to be in the community and use our venue to create community. You can catch us at events all over town with Miami specials like a guava goat cheese or mango sorbet. We partner with local farmers to develop flavors with the fruits that are in season and grow locally.

We plan to grow organically – one step at a time. For now we want every one in Miami to feel a connection to us. From there, we’ll see.






plantingMy name is Erika Maria Rodriguez. I am an Occupational Therapist for Miami Dade County Public Schools and the creator of La Succulenta. My husband and I reside in the Kendall area of Miami.

I sell up-cycled succulent arrangements of all styles with an emphasis on vintage. Just about anything with an opening in it is fair game. My philosophy is bringing life to old treasures by re-purposing otherwise unused everyday items.

All items are picked from local garage sales, flea market and thrift stores. For example, nothing says Miami, like our most requested piece, “La Cafetera” from our “Cafecito Collection.” I’m not much of a planner. I’m more of a “go with the flow” dreamer. So I will continue doing what I love and see where my passion takes me. As for now, I’ve added succulent workshops to the lineup.


Online Shop: Coming soon on Etsy!





Our names are Paul van Hamond and Willy Pinillos. We are two passionate, sometimes crazy, guys behind Expressed Juice – a cold pressed juice company based Miami.

Willy and Paul live in South Beach. Paul is originally from Australia and moved to Miami with his wife and 3 boys a few years ago. Willy and Paul met during a project while working in the restaurant business. They realized they shared similar passions, one of them being cold pressed juice. Willy and Paul then decided to have a unique and different take on juice by developing their ‘express karts’, an electric mode of transportation to deliver their delicious cold pressed juices directly to their clients.

We sell cold pressed juices sourcing Florida fruit where possible. We have even gone the route of remaining local by having our custom-made 12oz bottle and labels locally produced! Our philosophy is: Florida fresh – We strive to use organic and non-GMO produce. Our juices are seasonal, fruity and tarty! We are currently developing future plans with our strategic partners. We have just completed and built a production facility in Miami.





s&s2 My name is Jamilet Fals. I am the hands and heart behind Scissor & Spool, as well as the co-founder of The Maker’s Mart. I currently live in Miami Beach but spend most of my time in my sewing studio located in Little Haiti.

I sell my handmade goods and vintage treasures out of Eleanor, my 1964 vintage camper! My handmade goods include purses, fridge magnets, aprons, cloth napkins, greeting cards, hoop art, headbands, children’s attire; you name it, I’ve probably made it! When I’m not sewing, I’m out looking for vintage goods. I love finding old treasures! Not only are you buying a piece of history when you buy vintage, but you are also practicing sustainability.

My philosophy is to be as sustainable as I possibly can. I try to repurpose materials and items as much as possible.

I make every effort to practice environmentally friendly approaches to running my business when I am making purchasing decisions. Whenever I can, I purchase items locally or materials that have already been used in an effort to give old items a new life. For example, just the other day I made a boho style purse using an old crocheted placemat and an old belt that I purchased from a local thrift store. I also like to recycle the cardboard backing of legal pads/notepads to package my smaller handmade goods and to make greeting cards.

s&sAt the moment, Scissor & Spool can exclusively be found at The Maker’s Mart. The Maker’s Mart is an indie arts and crafts market that I co-found with my boyfriend, Alexis Lattuf of Casa Industria Miami. This pop-up shop event only happens once a month in Little Haiti and brings together some of Miami’s most talented artists and makers. I am also currently working on expanding my online Etsy shop and am working with Dwell Living in Ft. Lauderdale to carry my line of cloth napkin sets, magnets and greeting cards!

I don’t know what the future of Scissor & Spool will hold but I do know that it is important for me (and hopefully for you reading this) to wake up everyday and do what you love! Even if for just a few minutes, feed your soul, engage in your passion, give thanks and just trust the process.



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