Beach vs City Reflecting a New Era of Edgy Miami Design

Studio Grun’s pieces are all about fusion of different concepts and styles.

The clever use of paradoxes and negative spaces make for intricate yet simple pieces.

The highly versatile pieces are inspired by polar opposites.

Beach vs City. Raw vs Refined. Unique vs Classic. 





My name is Tanya Raquel Gruenberg.

I am 25 years old.

I am the jewelry designer and owner of STUDIO GRUN.

I live in Aventura, Florida which is where I was born and raised.

I create adornments such as jewelry, key chains and bottle openers.





STUDIO GRUN is equal parts nostalgic and modern. Cheeky yet refined. GRUN really focuses on disrupting classic staples with subtle new details. We use a diverse range of mixed media such as 3D printing and experimental lost plastic process. It allows GRUN to have a unique ‘degradation’ aesthetic look while maintaining elegant accents.



Our philosophy is to have the entire jewelry making process, from sampling to full-scale production completed domestically in the USA and weve been successful at that.


Since I originally hail from Miami, there is a certain amount of inspiration I derive from here – kind of a laid back, beachy feel. I also lived in Manhattan for six years and so that has also been the catalyst to creating my own aesthetic of Miami and NYC mashed up together. A lot of the inspiration comes from organic shapes (Miami), industrial structures (NYC) and material investigation (My Mind).


Miami is really changing in itself – people are starting to choose quality over quantity and that’s important to me. People are starting to care about art, good cocktails, good food, and good films. Similarly to New York. So in a way, my pieces reflect both Miami and New York. Resulting in a wide range of pieces that have a laid back coolness.