How it Went: Mia Music Summit

The MIA Music Summit kicked off with reggae on the stunning New World Center stage. Tech, Data, and Music converged for a conference that shows Miami is thinking bigger.

The city as a whole continues to dazzle its natural beauty and architectural renaissance. In a time where spaces like the New World Center in Miami Beach serve as the backdrop for soulful and tech driven minds like Ime Archibong’s, Facebook’s director of Product Partnerships who shared how his native Nigeria’s Talking drum metaphor parallels the journey of music on social platforms.

As Miami continues to host more and more forward thinking summits and conferences, it becomes more evident that the regions culture will play a vital role in its success. As Corey Ondrejka, Facebook’s VP of Engineering who headed the social network’s transition to mobile said in an on-stage interview with Derrick Ashong of Fusion “you need people willing to take the risks. … if you have a culture where there is a stigma to failure, that will crush a community…you have to commit to doing this and support people in every one of these parts.”

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