Urban US on Smart City Startups

Shaun Abrahamson and Stonly Baptise Urban US OCT

Urban.Us is organized by Shaun Abrahamson and Stonly Baptiste these two guys are on a mission to identify, fund, and grow smart city startups poised to effectively solve urban problems. Their focus on startups working with cities is a trend on the rise, that impacts local governments to better cope with matters like public transportation, mobility, and transparency. 

Both Shaun and Stonly’s scope of experience speaks mounds of what they have in mind for the startups they choose to work with. From Shaun’s strategy work for the plastic Starbucks cup (designed to be reused 10 times), to Stonly’s code hacking knowledge, makes us at OCT predict this is an organization to watch!

Although based in Miami, their impact will definitely be felt nationally in the next 5 years or less. Learn more about “Urban.Us” here.

Watch their video below:

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