Fabiola Fleuranvil, New Leaders Taskforce

Fabiola Fleuranvil
Miami raised, Tallahassee educated, Atlanta sharpened, and back in Miami using her social, business, and political capital to do good for something bigger than herself.

Why create in Miami?

Fabiola Fleuranvil: Miami is open and we’re at the cusp of breaking major ground in entrepreneurship and technology. Yes, other cities are progressive but it’s saturated, highly competitive, and everything has already been done. Miami offers tremendous opportunity to create your own lane, build a brand, be a part of a movement, and create something new.

What does your organization do?

FL: Professionally, I founded and run a marketing and branding agency for the past 8 years. I started in Atlanta out of grad school and have continued growing since relocating back to Miami 5 years ago.

Civically, I’m involved with a few boards and organizations that focus on talent retention, entrepreneurship, and community empowerment.

I Chair the Beacon Council’s New Leaders Taskforce and I’m also a Board Member of the Young Professionals Network of the Miami Dade Chamber of Commerce and the Urban League of Greater Miami. I also have a few networks that I created to build consensus and organize around specific causes like the South Florida HBCU Alumni Alliance.

Describe a challenge personal or entrepreneurial you overcame?

FL: I was born and raised in Miami but went away for college and grad school. I decided to return but found it hard to find my circles, network, and especially connect with other black professionals especially considering what the scene was like in Atlanta.

That is why I created the South Florida HBCU Alumni Alliance to organize black professionals monthly via alumni networks/associations, black professional organizations, and Greek organizations. That led me to becoming actively involved on talent retention. 5 years later we still meet monthly for the 1st Wednesdays Black Alumni Social. I still hear the same comments though, that other than this alumni network, they feel excluded.

How has Miami impacted who you are today?

FL: Being an entrepreneur and living the challenges of a young professional making it in this city, has fueled me to get engaged and become part of the movement. I didn’t have to do that while living in Atlanta since everything was already happening around me.

It’s definitely fueled the civic leader in me.

What’s the most gratifying aspect of what you do? And the most grating?

FL: I live, sleep, eat, and breath entrepreneurship and it’s what drives me to see a problem, come up with a solution, and work tirelessly on solving and creating around it. That’s what’s kept me in business all these years.

What wisdom would you share with your younger self?

FL: Don’t be afraid to do it. Don’t wait for the greenlight. Don’t wait for permission. If you can envision it, then just go for it.

What community issues keep you up at night?

FL: How the rest of Miami, particularly black Miami, can be integrated into the rest of what’s going on in Miami. That’s been the mission of YPN and the Miami Dade Chamber.

Describe your ideal Miami. Why are those qualities important to you?

FL: A Miami where the opportunities you’re looking for are available right here where you can make a very comfortable living to be able to enjoy the beauty of this gorgeous place.

What do you love the most about how miami is being Redefined?

FL: The best part is that it’s open for how we choose to define it and don’t have to stick with any preset definitions.

What’s happening now in Miami and those of us who have chosen to get involved is leaving impressions that will be felt decades later. It’s up to us how we want Miami to be defined.

A marketing strategist and PR Bulldog, Fabiola Fleuranvil is CEO of Blueprint Creative Group and has developed marketing campaigns for City of North Miami, Florida A&M University Athletics, and media giants NBC, CNN, and LionsGate, etc.

Her board involvement includes YPN Miami, Urban League of Miami and the Beacon Council’s New Leaders Taskforce and mentoring in MDCPS through various organizations.
Fabiola is a graduate of Florida A&M University with an MBA from Clark Atlanta University.