Jorge Cortes, Momentum in Miami

We met up with Jorge Cortes, this Colombian American entrepreneur is on a mission. From his work with the free trade agreement between Colombia and USA to now building Momentum International, focused on fostering innovation and social entrepreneurship among younger generations in South Florida and Latin America. Jorge’s passion for prosperous ideas for solutions is evident across everything he is creating.

Our City Thoughts: Why did you create in Miami?

JC: Like never before in the history of this country, surviving economic recovery and innovation have encountered the most beautiful beaches and a multicultural-vibrant environment like Miami. Why not? There is absolutely every ingredient for inspiration in the city to create anything we want.

OCT: What does your org do? How was it founded?

JCMomentum International was founded in the core of ideas for a sustainable future of millennials in the US leading responsible economic development and globalization. It is now the social entrepreneurship movement committed to fostering innovation and developing the social enterprise by exposing and empowering successful actors and organizations scaling business models with social good vision.

OCT: Have you had any challenges to reach the point where you are now? 

JC: The biggest challenge was to discover how strong I am, when strong was the only option I had as an immigrant without any job opportunities or a car. I was forced to be an entrepreneur at a very young age, after graduating high school at the age of 15.

OCT: What does your team mean to you?

JC: My team represents the organization’s vision. I work with independent entrepreneurs validating and adapting their skill set to the needs of Momentum. Passionate, collaborative and engage people with strong values for human development and a global mindset. At what I consider the best social innovation center in the form of a co-working space in the country, The LAB Miami.

OCT: How has Miami impacted who you are today?

JC: Miami has impacted my biggest ambitions in life through indescribable forms. The city has shaped my character to deal with intrepid world travelers and the most exotic women you can actually find in just every other corner bar, hotel, art gallery, or amazing restaurant. You never stop breathing diversity in Miami, I love it!

OCT: What do you love the most about how miami is being redefined?

JC: I think its incredible the way we are finally making Miami the hub of the Americas. US’ “Daddy’s little girl” has grow up and is now a gorgeous vibrant city, the US’ model city of the 21st century.

OCT: What’s the most gratifying aspect of what you do? 

JC: Most gratifying will be working 24/7 on building the base for sustainable systems and platforms with amazing experts on different fields of knowledge for the best future of the world. It is very very gratifying to be a giver.

OCT: What wisdom would you share with your younger self?

JC: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go TOGETHER.

OCT: What community issue keeps you up at night?

JC: Sea level rise awareness, is actually one of the goals of Momentum International. To bring the best talented entrepreneurs, engineers and social innovators to explore ways to address this issue, NOW. We have an incredible opportunity to show the world how Miami can make this happened and solve it once and for all.   

OCT: Describe your ideal Miami. Why are those qualities important to you?

JC: My ideal Miami will be a highly educated city, rich in diversity, leading in social innovation as example to the world. The biggest example of human capacity to progress, prosper, evolve and export solutions to global issues.