GET HYPED for Start-Up City: Miami

Last February, Start-Up City: Miami launched.

And we’re still excited! We’ve long known that Miami is the future of Start-Up, so The Atlantic’s sophomore conference is in the exact right place.

“Prove it,” you might say. Well, last year’s S-U brought Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and AOL’s Steve Case to town. They took the New World Stage and told us that Miami really does have what it takes to be a start-up city.

This year, we have BIG players. It’s true: tech, innovation, and creativity are becoming central to the new narrative of our city. And bringing the rhetorical boom will be two superstars. The first is the incoming president of Y Combinator (The Wayne Foundation of Silicon Valley) and the other is the White House Office of Science and Technology’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence. So it’s a Superman/Batman Team Up.

Fun Fact: In the DC Universe, Lex Luther was elected president. It was weird.

Fun Fact: In the DC Universe, Lex Luther was elected president. It was weird.

We’ll stop. But for those of us in for the long haul, it’s worth saying: this is amazing.

Your friend and mine, the Knight Foundation, is again bringing awesome speakers to town. Google Earth Co-Founder, 500 StartUps Co-Founder, and 8tracks Founder – they’re coming! Local pioneers from the LAB MIAMI, Kairos, Feverish Pop Ice Cream, My Ceviche, and Learner Nation – they’re coming too!

Suzanne Smalley, Director of Content for AtlanticLIVE, said it best: “Miami is a dynamic hub for start-up growth across the board – from the foodie revolution powered by My Ceviche and Feverish Ice Cream to the innovative small business support models at EarlyShares and Endeavor Miami. It offers the ideal backdrop for The Atlantic and the Knight Foundation to bring together the greatest national and local thinkers in the start-up space for a day of ideas-sharing and reflection on the future of urban tech.”

Smalley’s right. All across the OCT family, our phones have been blowing up. Are we in town? Of course we are! If you’re young, techy, or anyone at all, on the 31st of March – Miami is where its at.

Which is why  we’re telling you: tickets for Start-Up City: Miami are on sale now.

At OCT, we’re not about us (well, sometimes). We’re not only creating a new future for our city and our generation, but also for the ones that come after. Your cousins, your younger siblings, your same-aged-twin-brother and even aguelita! If you’re reading this (and we know you are), you’re already changing the future of Miami.

So join us at Start-Up City this year. And catch the excitement (!).

The conversation can also be followed online via @Atlantic_LIVE, @AtlanticCities, and @KnightFDN, and by using the hashtag #StartUpMiami.

For a full list of speakers and sessions click here.

DATE & TIME: Monday, March 31, 2014

9:00 a.m., ET: Guest arrival and registration

9:30 a.m., ET: Program begins

5:00 p.m., ET: Program concludes

LOCATION: The New World Center 500 17th Street – Miami Beach, FL 33139