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Beach vs City Reflecting a New Era of Edgy Miami Design

Studio Grun’s pieces are all about fusion of different concepts and styles. The clever use of paradoxes and negative spaces make for intricate yet simple pieces. The highly versatile pieces are inspired by polar opposites. Beach vs City. Raw vs Refined. Unique vs Classic.  My name is Tanya Raquel Gruenberg. I am 25 years old. I am the jewelry designer and

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Paola Mendez, the heart behind Coral Gables Love & South Florida Bloggers

“I just really like it when people get along and hug each other” expresses, South Florida blogger and small business owner, Paola Mendez – A warm hearted and briskly cheerful personality. “While growing up my family always stuck close together to help one another in accomplishing goals.” She hopes that by supporting local businesses, through Coral Gables Love, she will

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